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Moderators needed

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:36 pm
by momfight
Hello guys

Our two current moderators Brandon100 and MlMiller have done an amazing job over the years and credit goes to both of them for keeping this site up and running. Without them the site would have died a long time ago. If they choose to return at some point in future they will be welcomed with open arms. We don't expect people to support the site forever, but I would like to thank them both for helping us.

For the moment however we are looking for new mods to fill the large spaces that the two aforementioned members have left. If you would like to become a moderator please leave a message here. Duties include deleting offensive material, approving posts by new members, banning naughty members and being nice to people.

The originator of the site Pamela Stevens no longer participates in the running of the site (as i'm sure you are aware) due to health issues. We have been keeping the site working from a technical perspective.

We hope you continue to enjoy the site.



Re: Moderators needed

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:56 am
by sumitkaranraj
yes I would like to be a moderator

Re: Moderators needed

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:14 am
by mlmiller
I, mlmiller, am still around. I have just been working on getting some novels published. But since Pamela Stevens is probably not returning, we do need some additional Moderators. I started out helping with the Story Writing. So, come on down! Momfight could use the help. By the way :D thanks for the kind words about Brandon and Myself! :) :D :D